You all know that exfoliation is my number one skin care step. I love slugging off the day and letting my skin breathe. One of the most popular spin brushes on YouTube is the Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin  facial spin brush. Today I am sharing my honest review of the spin brush.

This is the Spin for Perfect Skin facial spin brush by Vanity PlanetIt retails on their website for $131.48 CAD. As with most things on their website, it goes on sale often and if you wait long enough you can get it for half price.

Vanity Planet has a number of spin bushes for your face. I had the change to get my hands on another one, the Ultimate Skin Spa System.

The brush itself comes in 6 handle colours: PurpleStrawberry IceBlack, Frosted Blue, Lucite Green and Grey. The facial spin brush has only one speed mode and comes with 4 brush heads.

Soft Brush


It’s perfect for everyday use and is really gentle and soft on the skin.

I really enjoyed this brush head. It is the perfect size to fit in the small contours of your face to make sure you are exfoliating evenly. Of all the brushes, this was the softest and I used this one the most. I have fairly delicate skin so this was the only one my skin could handle. It is important to exfoliate your skin, I personally think it’s one of the top three things you can do for your skin. This was gentle enough to use on a weekly basis. But not more than 2 times a week for my combo-oily-mildly-sensitive skin.

Exfoliating Brush


This is the Exfoliating Brush. Its perfect if you want some extra power to scrub off that dead skin. It has denser packed bristles which make it perfect for the job. I typically use this at night.

If your skin isn’t very sensitive to abrasion, then you’ll enjoy the Exfoliating brush. It has thicker bristles which gives you a firmer exfoliation. I did find my face was a little red in certain areas after using this, so you’ll want to be very gentle with this because it is so powerful. It’s really easy to get into the habit of exfoliating everyday, or feeling like you need harsh abrasion to get a good exfoliation but you should actually use this with a light hand. To get the most out of exfoliation, I have switched to using chemical exfoliants like AHA’s and BHA’s on a daily basis because they are typically more gentle and sometimes even moisturizing. I limited myself to once a week using this brush head, on nights where I could take my time and pamper my skin with a steam and a mask.

Pumice Stone


It is the foot scrub stone that you can attach to your spin head to give yourself a pedicure.

In my personal opinion, I felt like using a regular dollar store stone gave me better results simply because the spin power of the brush itself isn’t powerful enough to make a real difference. It actually broke off the plastic surface the second time I used it. Needless to say, I did not really care for the pumice too much.


Body Brush


The body brush does not do the best job at exfoliating your skin simply because the brush itself does not have enough power to make it useful. I ended up giving the brush set away to my mother (after cleaning and sanitizing the bristles) simply because it didn’t suit my needs as I thought it would and I only used two of the brushes in this set. I did like the brush quality itself and end up getting the Ultimate Skin Spa System instead which I did a review for.

The brush runs on 4 AA batteries (quite a lot of batteries if you ask me). But it is so easy to open the compartment in a way the Ultimate Skin SPA System is not. Just pull it off and replace the batteries with ease.


I found that when you spin the brush, it is very messy. Everything splatters all over the place and can make quite a mess of your bathroom. In the shower is fine because… its the shower, but when you’re at the skin cleaning your face it can be quite annoying. I also did find that these brush heads were particularly rough. Especially the exfoliating brush, you’d end up seriously damaging your skin if you don’t go as gentle as possible.

I did not find I used the pumice or the body brush head really at all because I have items to use for those purposes that work much better anyway. You’d get a better foot scrub actually scrubbing your feet with a rock. The pumice actually broke on me, it fell off of the plastic brush head and it was so hard to glue it back. Seriously not worth the hassle.

Because the body brush has a flat surface, I did not feel as though I was really getting an even exfoliation all over. A sponge has the advantage of rounding to the curves of your body in a way a brush simply does not. In addition, the brush head was too rough for my delicate skin. I stopped using this brush head it all together.

The Spin For Perfect Skin brush itself is simple and easy to use, its light in the hand and does basically everything you need it to do. The only thing is, besides the two face brushes, I don’t have much use for it. I ended up giving the brush set away to my mother simple because it didn’t suit my needs as I thought it would and I only used two of the brushes in this set. I did like the brush quality itself and end up getting the Ultimate Skin Spa System instead which I did a review for.

I really wanted to like the Spin For Perfect Skin because it is one of the most popular spin brushes from Vanity Planet I’ve seen all over YouTube (I guess YouTube really did make me buy it haha!). I simply feel like your money is much better spend elsewhere. For the price, it was really disappointing.